Ghislaine Hardy, avocate médiatrice | un parcours d'exception

Ghislaine Hardy, your mediation lawyer


Ghislaine Hardy’s career path has been in her image: a perfect combination of her professional skills and personal qualities. Her experience as a mediation lawyer is enhanced by her natural empathy and listening skills. As she says herself, “Listening is an art,” and she has honed that craft through the many steps of her career.


She started out as a nurse in various hospitals in the greater Montreal area, spending time with people at their most vulnerable, which has made her keenly aware of the responsibilities of caring for people in difficult situations.


From 1996 to 1999, she earned a bachelor’s law degree while setting up and working at the St-Joseph Society of Medico-Legal Expertise as well as earning an attendance certificate from The Hague Academy of International Law. In 2004, she was officially called to the Bar of the Province of Quebec and she set up her offices in the Longueuil area under the name Hardy & Associés.


While practising as a criminal attorney, she managed to pursue and obtain a master’s degree in law and health policy, which she completed in 2011. That same year, she decided to move her office to Montreal.


Her extensive experience with volunteer work and her genuine desire to affect positive change in people’s lives led her to change her focus. She felt it necessary to take aim at more altruistic professional goals. That’s when she got involved with the Canadian Red Cross as a nursing educator, and in 2014 she took on another cause and got involved with the Holiday charity drive known as La Guignolée du Dr Julien. With these activities in mind, she decided to study to obtain a certification in civil, commercial and work mediation, which she obtained with high marks in 2017. She has since officially become a mediation lawyer.


Today, Ghislaine has made it her duty to guide you and help you choose the best method to achieve a satisfying settlement of the dispute you might be involved in. You can count on her to assist you to find your way out of what may seem like a legal dead end.